Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saarinen and Eames and Company

Originally posted August 2008.
Saarinen also had a sideline in furniture design, most famously with his Tulip chair. Above is a picture from Playboy of Saarinen along with his classmate and friend Charles Eames (Saarninen named his son Eames). Charles Eames worked closely with his partner Ray Eames. Eames wrote a memoir of their partnership called Ray is Not My Brother mocking a popular misconception of their relationship. In fact, Charles was married to Ray. I'm such a sexist that my first thought on reading that was "Wow, he married his gay partner in the 1950s. That's pretty out there." More prosaically, though Ray-Bernice was his wife. Below is a picture of Eames in a beach version of his molded chair.


heavy tweed jacket said...

The thing that stands out to me is the contrast of shoes between the first and second photos. Shoes for work, and shoes for leisure. Somehow today, the two have been conflated.

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