Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Boys

Continuing the dump of my Photobucket account (just to put all the old photos in one place), here are some pics of the Beach Boys. This must be the best single/b-side combination ever. (Thought: Does Itunes sell b-sides? Buy 1 song for .99 and get an album deep cut for free. Probably they should, if they don't).
Originally posted March 2008.

This one's a little better from the same shoot.

This one is slightly later. Probably Pet Sounds/Good Vibrations era.
Probably their best music and best look. Brian and Carl Wilson just weren't built for the candy stripe shirts with tight continental hip huggers seen below at the TAMI show.

This one is a little too apprentice car salesman. It would work a lot better with a Brooks Brothers style repp stripe.

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