Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making of the Sand Pebbles

Speaking of good 1960's footage of Hong Kong. Here's a weirdly soundtracked short film on the making of the 1966 Robert Wise film "The Sand Pebbles".

My apartment overlooks the harbor where the scene in which Steve McQueen and fellow crewmembers storm a string of junks blockading the "Yangtze" river was shot, so it is especially neat for me to see these pictures.


Anonymous said...

Looking through your blog - I really like it! Love the 50s/60s photos - all great stuff.

Quiet American said...

Thanks. They are mostly retreads of stuff I posted on AAAT. I just want to collect it all in one place.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Terrific movie....just watched it the other day...for perhaps the 5oth time. Holman is a great American character...rugged individualist caught in the middle of an institutional system he rails against.
And how about that young Candace bergen...sweet!