Monday, April 19, 2010


The Beach Boys recorded their first song, "Surfin" under the name Pendletones, only to have the record label change their name to something more obviously linked to surfing. Originally, the Boys wore the wool Pendleton shirts popular with Redondo Beach surfers at the time. Probably for the best, Pendleton shirts aren't really built for keeping you cool onstage.

In fact, they're built for one thing and that is keeping you warm when it is 55 degrees and damp. That comes in handy when its that temperature 4 months of the year and you don't have central heating. I've practically lived in my Pendleton shirts this winter. Pendleton has moved assembly offshore (to Mexico and China), though they still make the wool material in Oregon (at least for the Mexico made ones). Plenty of new USA made ones still with their tags on, available at Ebay though if you want to go with the classic. Probably one of the most gifted but never worn clothing items. Just the thing to give to Uncle Joe but for Uncle Joe never to put on. Its hard to avoid looking like Grandpa in a wool shirt. Maybe thats the reason. Or just to scratchy for Joe. I don't know.
Favorite Pendleton's

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